Monday, October 5, 2009

Climb Every Mountain

Now that I am on to package four, I have realized that no matter where I shoot, every single last location has its own set of unique challenges. My fourth package is about increased gym membership despite the economy. First, I went to a traditional gym (weights, treadmills, etc…) and found myself surrounded by mirrors and windows. Hello backlighting and my own relflection. I’ve made both of those mistakes one too many times.
After getting stood up by my source at that gym (yet another inherent challenge of broadcast), I went to a second location at an indoor rock climbing gym. No mirrors and no window. Score. Not quite… Because the gym does not harness the climbers, they have padding all over the floor that is about four inches thick. This means when I put my tripod on a padded area, I have to move to a different pad or the camera will shake horribly if I move at all.
The way I see it, every different story I cover and each different location I go to is a learning experience. There is never a story that goes 100 percent perfectly. Each story has its own unpredictable hurdles for me to figure out when I get there. This is one of the reasons that I love broadcast so much: every day is different from the one before and I am constantly learning new things.

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