Sunday, April 4, 2010

Do As I Say...

I’m like many broadcast journalism nerds—my love is broadcast.

I get butterflies before my package comes on, or before I’m on camera.
A great feature will really touch me.
A perfect shot or well-written package can take my breath away.

And consequently, my first love (broadcast), doesn’t leave much time for my love life. But at the same time, broadcast has taught me lessons and given me skills that can help me get through any date.

How broadcast journalism has made me a better dater:
  1. People respond really well to their name. Most people love hearing someone else say it.
  2. Most people like to talk. Almost everyone believes they have something important to say. Let them say it!
  3. On a similar note, people like to feel important. They like being seen as the expert. Let them be the expert.
  4. A good listener is invaluable. Everyone likes to know they are being heard. It makes them feel like you actually care.
  5. People are weird about money. Bringing it it up makes pretty much everyone a little uncomfortable. 
  6. A lot of people respond well to physical touch (it is my language of love).  I read a statistic once that said waiters/waitresses who touch their patrons get larger tips than those who don't. Physical touch can really heighten your sense of connection with others. This works especially well in tragic situations.
  7. Most people aren't comfortable in front of cameras (be they video or still). Many people are downright uncomfortable.
  8. A smile can get you a long way. It makes even the sternest person in the world more approachable.
  9. Compliments are a great conversation starter. They make people feel special.
  10. A little kindness goes a long way. Everyone appreciates some kindness, and it is especially touching coming from someone they don't know very well.
  11. Apologies are important. Be humble, but...
  12. ...don't apologize too much. If you go around saying sorry all the time and apologizing before anything has happened, people will learn to be annoyed by you and, therefore, expect an apology. 
  13. Good manners are key. Hold the door open. Say please. Say thank you. People are more willing to give you their time and their thoughts if you treat them respectfully, and the easiest way to do so is by simply using good manners.
  14. Everyone has a story to tell.
And the way I see it...
    15. When worse comes to worse, you can always talk about the weather.

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